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Jasmine Carrière

I am addicted to celebrating love. It energizes me, gets me excited, and sparks a thousand ideas a minute in my head. All that Jaz, a cheeky play on my name, speaks to what we do. We help you uncover and create your vision, then we take care of the details. And I assure you, it is all in the details.

My relationship with the event industry began in Australia where I lived and worked for 3 years and then followed me back home to Canada where we decided to make it official and engage in my study of Event Management. Now, it's happily ever after. I love this job. It breathes my soul, and I can confidently say that we are very very happy together.

So to say the least, I've been there. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but here's how I see it: Planning a wedding is like being fitted for the perfect dress. There is no pre-determined wedding that will make your day 'look and feel it's best' just as there is no cookie-cutter dress you can pull off a hanger and BAM! It fits! You're not a perfect size 8, 2, or 12. It's about tailoring an outfit from the material provided that can compliment your curves, your 'great arms', your story; draping the material to fit the body of your relationship, cinching it at the waist, hemming it just so, to fit you two perfectly. I am here to tailor a wedding to showcase You and YOUR story.

When I'm not creating vision boards, you can find me at mine and my husband's coffee and flower shop Arvo Coffee in the visually inspiring Distillery District, sipping a flat white and brainstorming with my team. Detail and determination are two of the things I bring to any table I sit myself down at.

Jaz xx